May 28, 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers.
            All of us together...members...benefactors and friends of Saint Francis de Sales.  Together we are one.  One family.  One in Faith and hope and love.  Together we are strong!
            Last week we announced the resumption of Masses here in Saint Francis de Sales on Saturday, May 30th at the 4PM Mass.  We have delayed the opening Masses for one week.  Now the opening Masses will begin on Saturday, June 6th at the 4PM Mass and on Sunday, June 7th with the 9:00AM and 11:00AM Masses  The reason for this delay is to make certain all the procedures for opening places of worship established by the Archdiocese of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are in place.  The Church, Chapel, Bishop Lawton Hall, the upper and lower sacristies and the bathrooms have been cleaned and disinfected.  We are still waiting for new signage...the aisle floor signs marking six foot separation...direction floor signs to approach the communion stations when we receive the Body of Christ.  Some of the Church pews will be roped off to comply with six feet social distancing.  It is best to delay the re-opening of Saint Francis de Sales until all these new policies are in place.
            Following are the policies for the reopening of Churches in the Archdiocese of Boston.  This policy will be announced before every Mass and will be noted in the weekly bulletin.
1.         Please do not attend Mass if you have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or otherwise not feeling well.  If you do not feel comfortable returning to Mass with the pandemic affecting all of us at this time, please stay at home.  Cardinal O'Malley has granted a dispensation from attending Mass for the foreseeable future.
2.         Please enter the Church by the middle door.  Side doors will be closed.  Church doors cannot be opened until 15 minutes before Mass.
3.         Mask or face coverings are mandatory to enter Church.  NOTE: Priest and Eucharistic Minister will wear a mask at Communion time.  They are not obligated to wear masks in the Sanctuary.
EXCEPTIONS:  Children under 2 should not wear a mask.  Children 2-5 - Parent's Discretion.
Those who cannot wear a mask due to medical issues will be directed to a designated seating area.
4.         Please follow the social distancing rules of six feet when entering and leaving Church signage posted on aisles, etc.
5.         Since Ushers cannot collect at the offertory time due to social distancing rules - collection baskets are at the Usher's Tables labeled for first collection and second collection.  We are grateful for
your support.
6.         Hand sanitizer is available at the Usher's Tables.
7.         Pews have been roped off to support the social distancing rules - please do not move the ropes.
8.         There is no congregational singing at this time.
9.         There is no Sign of Peace.
10.       You must wear a mask coming to Communion.  All those going to Communion will come up the middle aisle following the 6 foot social distancing rules.  Those sitting in the side aisle pews must proceed to the back of the Church and approach the Communion stations.  There will be two Communion stations.  Approach the Priest or Eucharistic Minister for Communion - after the Host is dropped in your hand - step to the side and stand on the arrow - take your mask down - put the Host in your mouth - put the mask back up and return to your pew by way of the side aisle following social distancing rules.
            For those who may have a mobility issue - please stand in your pew and after all Communicants have left the side aisles - the Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to you.
11.       When leaving Mass - we ask that you leave row by row beginning with the rows closest to the back of the Church maintaining social distancing - all doors will be opened to leave Church.
12.       Bulletins will be available when you are leaving the Church.
13.       For those who may wish to remain for a few minutes for private prayer - please remain in your place until everyone has left the Church.
14.       The Church and all common areas will be disinfected after each Mass.
            In order to adhere to the social distancing rules - appointments must be made ahead of time to come to the Rectory for Spirituals, Building Fund cards, etc.  Appointments can be scheduled between 10AM and 3PM.  Masks must be worn and temperatures will have to be taken at the Rectory door.
            This coming Saturday, May 30th, Pope Francis will pray the Rosary at the replica of the Lourdes Grotto in the Vatican Gardens in Rome.  He will lead the major Marian Shrines around the world in praying the Rosary to implore Mary's intercession and protection amid the COVID 19 pandemic.  Catholic TV is planning to televise this world wide Rosary on Channel 45 and 268.  The Rosary service next Saturday will be at 11:30AM Eastern Daylight Time.  Among those who will accompany
Pope Francis will be a Nurse and a Doctor, a Vatican Firefighter and Police Officer, a recovered patient and a person who lost a family member to COVID 19.  Also taking part in the Rosary will be a Hospital Chaplain, a Pharmacist, a Journalist and an EMT who family welcomed a new baby "a sign of hope and victory of life over death" said Pope Francis.  Marian Shrines around the world will connect to this event including the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.
            Wednesday night the death toll from COVID 19 reached 100,000 Americans who died from this pandemic.  Surely we must remember them and all their loved ones in our prayers.  Let us add our prayers with the prayers of Pope Francis every day we live that this pandemic will end.  In the meantime always be certain that you, your Family and all those we love are with me in my daily prayer and in my private Mass.  I also remember every day in prayer and at Mass all your loved ones living in Eternal Life.  In return I beg you to keep me in your prayers.  Never forget together we are strong.  We are the Parish Family of Saint Francis de Sales.
With love and blessings...your brother, your friend, your Pastor,
Fr. Dan

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