Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Dear Members, Benefactors and Friends of Saint Francis de Sales,
            Good news for all of us!  Public Masses will resume here in Saint Francis de Sales at the 4PM Mass on Saturday, May 30, 2020.  Weekday Masses will resume on Monday, June 1, 2020.  Policies and protocols will be announced shortly regarding seating, receiving Holy Communion, entering and leaving the Church.  At every Mass every one in the congregation must have a mask or face covering when entering the Church.
            Thursday, May 21st is Ascension Thursday.  No public Masses for this Holyday.  On that first Ascension Thursday, forty days after Easter, Jesus returned to Heaven to be with His Eternal Father.  His work on earth was completed...redeeming the human family from the bondage of sin.  Now it is up to each one of us to continue Jesus' mission of personal sanctification.  We can best do this by our Mass life, our prayer life and by receiving the Body of Christ in Holy Communion. 
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in his weekly television program back in the 50's and 60's entitled "Life Is Worth Living" often said regarding Ascension Thursday..."Where Christ has gone...someday...we hope to be!"
            This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  On Memorial Day we honor all the men and women who proudly wore the uniform of the various military services of our nation.  Those who made the supreme sacrifice dying in the line of duty and those who lived and later died as civilians.  We honor them by our prayers every Memorial Day.  We also remember all of our own loved ones now with the Lord.
            During these days and in all the days ahead may all of us pray for all those on the front lines serving all of us in so many important ways.  In particular we pray for all first responders especially Nurses and Firefighters.  Here in Saint Francis de Sales affectionately known as "The Firefighter's Church" with the magnificent Statue of Saint Florian, the Firefighter's Patron Saint and Protector in the church yard, we all realize how important it is for all of us to pray for Firefighters.  There are many Firefighters active and retired who call Saint Francis de Sales their home Parish.
            Always know that you and everyone you love...those living in this life...and those living in eternal life...and all your special intentions...are with me at Mass and Prayer every day.  Please pray for me...for this I will always be grateful.  And, may all of us always pray for one another.
            The following poem by Laura Kelly Fanucci was sent to me the other day.  It embodies all that we are feeling and all that we hope for during these pandemic days.  In a sense it is a prayer that calls us to aim for the goals of God.  It reminds us not to take for granted the days we live.  It is a reminder for each one of us to help one another in good times and in difficult times.  Imagine God is speaking to us through this poem...hoping for us to make new the way we see our world and all human beings.  The poem is entitled...WHEN THIS IS OVER
            When this is over may we never take for granted...a handshake with a friend...conversations with our neighbors...the taste of the Host on our tongue at Holy Communion...the school rush each morning...every breath we itself.
            When this is over...may we find that we have become...more like the person we wanted to be...we were called to be...we hoped to be.  And may we stay that way...better for each other...when this is over.
Stay safe...stay and blessings to you all,
Fr. Dan...your brother...your friend...your Pastor

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