April 30, 2020
Dear Members, Benefactors and Friends of Saint Francis de Sales Parish,
In chapter ten of Saint John's Gospel he quotes Jesus saying "I am the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep".  During these days all of us are living under the cloud of COVID 19.  Also during these times we are also living among many, many "good shepherds". 
Nurses and Doctors, medical professionals and EMT's who lay down their lives for their patients.  Firefighters and Police Officers running toward danger when everyone is running away from danger.  Researchers and scientists speak the truth from wisdom and experience even when self centered political leaders contradict them.  Grocery store workers and bus drivers who understand the well being of others outweigh their own hardships and worries when they go to work every day. Good people who check in by telephone and e-mails on their loved ones and neighbors to make sure the vulnerable and hurting are not forgotten.
Today and everyday the voice of Jesus speaks above the noise of anger and fear calling us to the Gospel work of compassionate service and care for one another.  Everyone of us is called to be a good shepherd to others.  Look around!  Good shepherds are in our midst.  Thank God for them and may we be counted among them.  Every member, benefactor and friend of our Parish Family can be good shepherds by our prayers and assistance we offer to others.
It has been nearly two months since Masses were suspended.  All of us are living in a whole new world.  COVID 19 has taught us many lessons...new catch words "stay at home...wear a mask...six feet social distancing".  Hopefully the pandemic is teaching us a great appreciation for God.  All of us know so well our Faith cannot be quarantined...our hope cannot be cancelled...our love cannot be extinguished.
I thank everyone of you for your telephone calls...e-mails...note cards and face book postings to the Rectory assuring the Parish Staff and myself of your prayers.  In addition, I am very grateful to so many of you for sending food, muffins, bagels & dinners to the Rectory.  In a special way I am truly grateful to so many of you for your continued support of Saint Francis de Sales Parish by way of your financial assistance to help us meet the on-going expenses we are obligated to pay every month.  Every Member, Benefactor and Friend of our Parish Family are with me in my prayers and in our private Mass every day.  We pray for you and for your loved ones living this life and living Eternal Life.
Please keep in your prayers the 11 members of our Parish Family who have entered into Eternal Life during these past two months.  May we remember their loved ones who are grieving alone.  Pray also for the nine Diocesan Priests and one Auxiliary Bishop who have died...three from COVID 19.  For all those working on the front lines to help us through this pandemic...firefighters and nurses...especially our Boston Firefighters and the nurses serving in our Parish Nurse Ministry Program...Maureen, Brianna, Linda, Paula, Maryellen, Mary and Lynda for all of them we pray.  Pray for me as I pray for you.
One of the many slogans popular today is "we are all in this together".  Let's add this slogan "We are together as one...the Parish Family of Saint Francis de Sales...one in Faith and Hope and Love...now and forever."
Stay Safe.  Wear a Mask. We will survive.
Love and Blessings to you all,
Fr. Dan...your brother...friend and Pastor

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