Parish History Time Line
1859 Rev. George Hamilton was appointed the first Pastor.
June 23, 1859 Rev. George Hamilton threw the first shovelful from the site of St Francis de Sales.

September 11,1859 Bishop John B. Fitzpatrick officiated the cornerstone rites.

June 1861 First Mass offered in the church basement.
August 18, 1861 First Baptism Record of the Parish-- Rev. Angelus Maria Baret.
January 1862 main church opened.

Febuary 2, 1862 First Marriage Record of the Parish-- Rev. Angelus Maria Baret.

June 17,1862 church was dedicated.

June 17, 1866 the church bell was consecrated by Archbishop Williams.

1868 Rev. Michel Supple was named 2nd Pastor.
February 25, 1878 St Vincent de Paul Society was organized in the Parish

1881 the rectory was added.

August 11,1884 Church was Consecrated. During this time St Francis de Sales was the fourth church in the country and first in New England to be accorded this honor.

1888 Rev. James Supple was named Pastor but His Brother Rev Michael Supple continued his assistant in the parish until his death in 1912.

1891 the Parish school was completed.

1893 nearly one thousand children attended the school.

1901 the convent was built for The Dominican Sisters who staffed school.

1918 Rt. Rev. Thomas MacCormack was appointed the fourth pastor.

1918-1928 the Lower Church was completely renovated and rededicated it as the Chapel of All Souls and a new altar and windows were added.

The three separate stairs leading into the Church were removed and replaced with the present stairs we have now.

A new beautiful electric organ was installed.

The magnificent Rood Crucifix that is suspended from the ceiling in the Upper Church was installed.

1928 Rev. Mark Dricoll was appointed Pastor.

1930's the Shrine to the Blessed Mother was erected.

1943 Monsignor Conrad Quirbach was appointed the fifth Pastor.

1959 The upper church was redecorated and new rubber kneelers were added for the celebration of the 100th Anniversary.

January 1, 1966 the Guild of St. Francis de Sales was founded.

July 1, 1967 Rev. Albert L. Cutress was appointed the seventh Pastor.

May 3, 1968 Rev. Daniel J. Mahoney was assigned here from St. Zepherin's Parish in Cochituate.

During Fr. Cutress years as Pastor he had a new Baptistry installed.

October 5, 1970 Construction began on the Bishop Lawton Hall.

June 17, 1971 Bishop Lawton Hall was open.

November 1976 reconstruction of the Church Tower and Steeple began.

October 25, 1977 the consecrated parish bell was placed in the church yard.

June 2, 1978 Rev. Daniel J. Mahoney was appointed our eighth Pastor.

December 1, 1978 reconstruction of the Church Tower and Steeple was completed.

December 3, 1978 the newly refurbished tower and steeple were dedicated in memory of Father Albert L. Cutress.

June 20, 1983 a massive task of painting and refurbishing the interior of the upper church, the restoration of the three front doors of the church and extensive repair and painting of the woodwork on the front of the church was undertaken.

1984 125th Jubilee was celebrated.
2009 Jubilee 150 Kicked Off



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